Emprogage is a valuebased company built by consultants with one common speciality - change. We have several methods and competences within Emprogage and in our vast network, for example business development, project management, communication and facilitation. We believe in change for the good - actually our aim is to do what's best for the world. Sounds intriguing? We love to talk to you about challenges in your organization. We have experienced consultants who are ready to help your company take a step towards being a modern organization with humans and sustainability in focus. Let us facilitate your next conference.

Are you ready for the future? We are.


EMPROGAGE consists of a group of consultants who share the desire to make the world a bit better.

Our three words empathy, pro-activity and engagement do not only form the basis of our business philosophy, but also form our name EMPROGAGE.

We believe in the power of the individual to make a better world through their conscious decisions. And together we work for what is best for the world.

EMPROGAGE is our context and our meeting place. We are creating the future together.

Are you a consultant and looking for a community?
A warm welcome to us!

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2 weeks ago

Our businesshumanizer Jens Rinnelt is on a mission to inspire the evolution of work.

He raises awareness about the organization of work, what the future of work might look like and what skills we need to thrive in it personally and organizationally. You can see him in action in the picture below when presenting the evolution of work.

He also makes the way of working within an organization transparent, by listening to the pulse of an organization. This allows human in business to have a space and language to talk about for example leadership styles, cultures or structures. He then invites them on an facilitated evolutionary journey to experiment with alternative ways of working that makes a workplace socially sustainable. This means creating autonomous, purpose-driven eco-systems that increase the well-being of people, drive organizational performance and contribute to planetary regeneration.

How human is your way of working?

Contact us and we are happy to put you in contact to humanize your business.Presenting the evolution of work and how the management thinking that developed alongside of it changed over time. In the slide the organization of work in the network society is seen. We are talking about a boundaryless organization where co-creation between owners / employees and contributers is happening. The next time you have to check in for a flight yourself, you can ask yourself if you are with your contribution now part of the organization or not.
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1 month ago

A year ago we were in the middle of creating Emprogage - one of the workshops was a Lego Serious Play on the ‘How’. ... See MoreSee Less
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