Åsa Kalée

Eva Malmström - Coach, mindfulness, journalist


Mette Koverberg – Graphic recorder, visualiserare

Pontus Rydstedt

Mats Rosén

Caspian Almerud 

Caspian brings diverse people together and facilitates an environment where they can have a conversation that matters which enriches both sides with new perspectives. He sees communication as an elementary part of human nature and is driven to improve our way of sending but also receiving information. That is why he is not only curious about what we communicate to the context we are in but also how we do it. As he engages regularly in deep conversations himself in various formats to continuously learn and share his insights on his vlog, he also takes time to embody those learnings to be able to walk the talk himself. His presence and deep listening skills combined with asking emerging questions appropriate for the situation at hand makes him an inspirational and sought-after conversation partner himself. 

Caspian is a part of Emprogage because he sees a need to introduce a different way of talking, and even more listening to each other. With a paradigm shift that is seen by Emprogage, he thinks communication will be an invaluable tool to make the shift as comfortable and smooth as possible. 

Communication, Facilitation, Art of hosting, Non-violent communication, Liberating structures

Ulrica Fager

Ulrica Fager, communications specialist | www.kulkommunikation.com | ulrica@kulkommunikation.com

Jens Rinnelt

Jens is bringing consciousness to organizations, teams and people. He creates awareness about which unconscious agreements are driving people and organizations. Trough making those dynamics transparent, he creates space for liberating personal potential and organizational resilience, providing the foundation for regenerative planetary well-being. Jens invites people in organizations to go on an evolutionary journey towards socially sustainable, healthy and joyful work environments. 

Jens sees that a change is needed for people to be happier at work, and senses that Emprogage can be a part of bringing that change about, as for creating something that is best for the world. Seeing the whole person and its potential and liberating that through co-created evolutionary organizational architecture.

Organizational transformation and evolution, next stage organizational architecture, Human-centric design, Facilitation, Dialogue

Jens Rinnelt, Businesshumanizer | www.humanbusiness.eu | Jens@humanbusiness.eu

Roland Gudinge

Roland wants to work in contexts that are at the forefront. He has a special affinity for the indescribable, which can only be seen by the one who sees and feels. In these contexts, Roland becomes the link to convey this to others in the context, the organization or society.

For Roland, Emprogage brings together people who share worldview and who together are a force that really makes a difference. Best for the world acts as a compass in everything from the small and everyday to the big and all-encompassing.

Stellan Nordahl